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NSW should prioritise TAFE over a shambolic for-profit VET sector

Robert Simms 14 Dec 2015

The Australian Greens have warned NSW against stripping funding to TAFEs across the state, warning similar collapses could happen like those interstate.

The Greens spokesperson on High Education, Senator Robert Simms, questioned why the NSW Government would make such a decision when the for-profit VET sector is in such a shambles.

"The for-profit VET sector is currently in a deep state of disrepair in NSW and across the country. Indeed, the NSW Government has deregistered eight companies this year for malpractice," Senator Simms said.

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New funding welcome but concerns remain over commercial engagement

Robert Simms 7 Dec 2015

The Greens welcome Malcolm Turnbull's commitment to university research, but are concerned about the increased focus on industry engagement with universities in the Government's announcement.

The Government today announced its intention to consolidate all Research Block Grants into two streams and that research funding from these grants would be increasingly allocated to an industry engagement metric to be developed by the ARC.

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Future looks less bleak for VET sector

Robert Simms 2 Dec 2015

The Greens joined with the Government, Labor and crossbenchers to support a raft of changes through the Senate that will help arrest the worst of the malpractices in the for-profit VET sector.

"These changes will provide much needed protections for students however they still falls short of the overhaul required. For as long as we have private for profit providers receiving public funds, students are at risk of exploitation," Greens spokesperson for Higher Education, Senator Robert Simms said.

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Greens Slam Labor/ Liberal University Cuts

Robert Simms 1 Dec 2015

The Greens have slammed the Government and Labor for banding together and exhuming Labor's 2013 higher education cuts, leaving students in the lurch.

A deal was reached between the two old parties today that will see add an extra $6000 of debt for the average Bachelor student receiving Youth Allowance or Austudy.

"This news will send a shiver down the spine of students and the higher education sector," said Greens Higher Education Spokesperson, Senator Robert Simms.

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Evocca College's attempt to blame students in poor taste

Robert Simms 25 Nov 2015

The Australian Greens have slammed the for-profit Evocca College's submission to the parliamentary inquiry into its VET-FEE HELP reform legislation that calls for a lowering of the repayment threshold.

Greens spokesperson on Higher Education, Senator Robert Simms has said the call by Evocca College to lower the VET Fee-Help repayment threshold to between $30,000 and $40,000, compared to the current rate of $54,000, is an attempt by the college to shift the blame for rorting and explosion of costs onto students.

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Greens slam company that lured job seekers into expensive VET courses

Robert Simms 23 Nov 2015

The Australian Greens have called for a curbing of dodgy practises by for-profit VET providers.

The Greens spokesperson on Higher Education, Senator Robert Simms, said claims by whistleblower Liam Hyland that he was asked to sell courses to vulnerable people responding to a fake job advert are emblematic of a toxic culture.

"This is just the latest in a long line of for-profit VET providers being accused of rorting and pushing courses onto vulnerable Australians," Senator Robert Simms said.

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