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Senate backs electric cars for SA

The Senate has backed a motion from Australian Greens Senator Robert Simms calling on the government to refocus South Australia's car manufacturing industry on electric cars.

"It's great to see the senate backing this motion for more job creation in SA. Electric car production is a multi-billion industry and one of the fastest growing in the world. Investing in this industry provides an opportunity for us to harness the skills and experience of our manufacturing industry and create new jobs," Senator Simms said.

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Innovation statement wasted opportunity for electric cars in SA

 Australian Greens Senator for South Australia, Robert Simms, has decried the lack of funding for electric vehicles in South Australia as a wasted opportunity in the government's innovation statement today.

"The Turnbull Government's lack of funding in today's innovation statement for electric vehicles and green cars is a huge oversight," Senator Simms said.

"The electric and sustainable car industry is set to be worth upwards of $500 billion globally by 2025, and government support would help propel Australia as a key player.

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