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Simms welcomes rainbow walk progress

Robert Simms 27 Apr 2016

Greens sexuality spokesperson Senator Robert Simms, a former Adelaide City Councillor, has welcomed the council's decision to progress with building a rainbow walk in Light Square in the Adelaide CBD.

"It has been a long time coming since the council agreed to my proposal of installing a rainbow walk, and it is great to hear the news that construction will start in September," Senator Simms said.

"This walk will become a symbol of diversity for Adelaide and will make such a positive statement for LGBTI South Australians."

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Greens call on Prime Minister to stop Treasurer from speaking at ACL conference

Robert Simms 17 Apr 2016

Australian Greens sexuality spokesperson Senator Robert Simms says Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull should direct Treasurer Scott Morrison not to attend the upcoming Australian Christian Lobby national conference.

Treasurer Scott Morrison is scheduled to appear as a speaker at the conference on Saturday, April 23, in Sydney, alongside commentators who are known for their anti-LGBTI views.

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Ditch the plebiscite to save pain and money

Robert Simms 31 Mar 2016

The Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists (RANZCP) support for marriage equality is further evidence of the need for the government to legislate for this reform, say the Australian Greens.

"Today's endorsement of marriage equality reflects what the advocates have been saying for some time. We know that discrimination negatively impacts on mental health and wellbeing," Greens marriage equality spokesperson Senator Robert Simms said.

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Homophobic ‘gay panic’ defence needs to be abolished in all states: Greens

Robert Simms 31 Mar 2016

South Australia and Queensland need to abolish the homophobic ‘gay panic' defence, Australian Greens sexuality spokesperson Senator Robert Simms says.

"The idea that a murder charge could be watered down in instances of an unwanted ‘homosexual advance' would be alarming to most Australians. While other states abolished the defence more than a decade ago, SA and QLD are yet to follow suit, even after QLD pledged a year ago to abolish the law," Senator Simms said.

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PM puts LGBTI young people at risk by caving into backbench bullies

The Australian Greens have slammed the Government's decision to wind back the Safe Schools Coalition after the conservative backbench demanded a review into the program.

"It is clear that Malcolm Turnbull has thrown LGBTI young people under the bus today by bowing to the right-wing backbench bullies and stripping back the Safe Schools program. If the likes of George Christensen can chalk this up as a victory, alarm bells will be ringing for LGBTI students and their families," Greens sexuality spokesperson Senator Robert Simms said.

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A message from Robert Simms:

Robert Simms 17 Mar 2016

I've just walked out of the Senate, where the Labor Party has just prevented another vote on marriage equality. I know the activities of Parliament this week have been confusing. So, I wanted to tell you all, straight away, the truth.

Labor have decided that waging a political war with us over Senate voting reform is more important than the love and relationships of LGBT Australians, like me. I am so disappointed. I know that many people in our community will be too.

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Labor sides with the Liberals to dodge marriage equality vote

Janet Rice 17 Mar 2016

The Greens are disappointed that the Australian Labor Party has sided with the Liberals to prevent a vote on marriage equality in the parliament today.

"Earlier today in a last ditch effort to derail senate reform, Labor tried to drag out debate on marriage equality. The Greens opposed this and instead moved to actually vote for marriage equality," Greens marriage equality spokesperson Senator Robert Simms said.

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Time for Turnbull to stand for something and protect LGBTI youth

The Australian Greens are calling for Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull to stand up to the conservative backbenchers trying to derail and discredit the vital work of the Safe Schools Coalition.

"The lives of LGBTI young people are on the line here. Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull needs to draw a line in the sand - he can't throw LGBTI kids under the bus just to ensure he maintains power," Greens sexuality spokesperson Senator Robert Simms said.

"It's time for Mr Turnbull to stand for something and protecting LGBTI young people is a good first step."

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A debate on Marriage Equality


I move:

That the following general business orders of the day be considered on Thursday, 17 March 2016 under consideration of private senators' bills:

No. 84 Social Security Amendment (Diabetes Support) Bill 2016

No. 68 Parliamentary Joint Committee on Intelligence and Security Amendment Bill 2015.

Senator SIMMS

I move the amendment circulated in my name:

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