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Stronger regulation needed in VET sector

Media Release
Robert Simms 6 Oct 2015

The Australian Greens spokesperson for Higher Education, Senator Robert Simms, is calling for greater powers for the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) so they can do their job - regulating the VET education system.

"We are seeing a ballooning of the private, for-profit VET providers, who have a free reign over this unregulated sector. This puts students at risk of being saddled with debt for worthless degrees," Senator Simms said.

"The business model of these institutions is about maximizing profit at the expense of student outcomes.

"ASQA is currently helpless in the fight to regulate these private colleges, and it is essential that they be given the resources and power to defend the interests of students and taxpayers against for-profit education companies.

"The Government has indicated they are keen to see an expansion in the role of private colleges. We need to ensure the regulatory body is able to do its job.

"The Greens believe that for-profit education providers have no place in Australia, but if they must exist they need to be scrupulously regulated."

A class action has recently been launched by hundreds of students against the for-profit provider, Evocca College, claiming students we over-charged and received sub-standard qualifications.

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