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Stop playing politics with the Murray-Darling

Media Release
Robert Simms 14 Oct 2015

South Australian Senator and Greens spokesperson for the Murray Darling and Water, Senator Robert Simms, is concerned some crossbenchers are playing politics with the lifeblood of South Australia and compromising the water security of the country's driest state.

He today slammed their calls to pause the Murray Darling Basin Plan.

"The Murray River is the lifeblood of South Australia and it is very disappointing to see that some of the crossbenchers are willing to play politics with it," Senator Simms said.

""We must not go back to the bad old days of irrigation free-for-all that left the Murray Mouth bone dry and caused both agricultural and environmental damage across the system.

"The science tells us that the Murray River needs greater flows to bring the river back to health.

"I would hope Mr Turnbull and Mr Joyce will ignore this stunt and continue to let long term expertise and planning and not short term politics dictate the future of the country's most important river system."


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