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Senate acknowledges loss of Bangladeshi LGBTI magazine editor

Robert Simms 3 May 2016

Australian Greens sexuality spokesperson Senator Robert Simms's and Liberal Senator for WA Dean Smith's motion (below) to offer the Senate's deepest condolences to the family of LGBTI magazine editor Xulhaz Mannan, who was killed last week, has been supported in Parliament today.

"It is a tragedy that someone such as Xulhaz Mannan, who has contributed so much to the LGBTI community, was felled in an act of homophobic violence in Bangladesh last week. He was the founder of the only LGBTI magazine in Bangladesh, Roopbaan - a brave career path given same-sex relationships are criminalised in that country," Senator Simms said.

"I hope this Government will play its part in advocating to decriminalise homosexuality in Bangladesh and in other countries where LGBTI people would be breaking the law simply by being true to themselves.

"I offer sincere condolences to the Mr Mannan's family and the Bangladeshi LGBTI community."

I moveĀ -
That the Senate:

1. Offers its deepest condolences for the family of Xulhaz Mannan who was violently killed in Bangladesh last month.
2. Recognises the immense contribution Xulhaz Mannan made to the LGBTI community in Bangladesh which included founding Roopbaan, Bangladesh's only LGBTI magazine.
3. Notes that same-sex sexual relations are criminalised in Bangladesh which may result in LGBTI people being forced into exile.
4. Calls on the government to continue to advocate for the decriminalisation of homosexuality in Bangladesh and throughout the world.
Senator Robert Simms & Senator Dean Smith

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