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Return to Don’s Party is bad news for progressive politics

Media Release
Robert Simms 12 May 2016

Former ALP Senator Don Farrell's return to politics shows now, more than ever, why South Australians needs strong progressive representation in the Senate, Greens marriage equality spokesperson Senator Robert Simms says.

"South Australian voters are faced with a predicament. High-profile candidates on both the ALP and Liberal senate tickets are vehemently against marriage equality. Together with Family First's Bob Day, Cory Bernardi and Don Farrell would work to stymie this progress in the parliament.

"We know Australians want the parliament to make marriage equality happen and every Greens MP will continue to support this, every vote, every time, which is why we need to retain two Senators in South Australia. We can't say the same of the Labor or Liberal parties who are still split on the issue.

"The return of Don Farrell to the Senate would be bad news for progressive politics.

"Progressive voters must remember that Labor is again Don's Party, while a vote for the Liberals in the senate is a vote for Cory Bernardi and his divisive fear-mongering."


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