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Motion: BP must release Environmental Plan

Robert Simms 15 Oct 2015

BP Exploration Leases

I give notice that on the next day of sitting I shall move that the Senate:

a) Notes the intention of British Petroleum (BP) to perform high risk exploratory drilling in the Great Australian Bight

b) Notes that the current environmental and safety evaluation being performed by NOPSEMA for exploration lease approval requires BP to release sufficient information so stakeholders can make informed assessment of the project and its possible consequences

c) Notes that BP has not released critical information such as their Environmental Plan, nor their oil spill modelling, nor their oil spill emergency plan

d) Notes that given:
i. the natural beauty of the Bight
ii. the ecological uniqueness of the Bight and its critical importance for marine life including blue, southern right, sperm, killer and humpback whales
iii. that an oil spill of this nature could devastate the $442 million south Australian fishing industry, as well as the state's $1 billion coastal tourism industries.
iv. that 95% of oil spills take place during exploratory drilling
v. that exploratory drilling is taking place in some of the roughest and most remote oceans on the planet
vi. that in the event of an oil spill, it may take up to 157 days to cap an oil well
that this lack of environmental does not meet the sufficient information criteria for NOPSEMA's 28 day approval process

e) Calls on BP to release their Environmental Plan, and failing that, NOPSEMA to reject BP's exploration lease application.


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