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Labor and Liberal parties vote down motion to support Adnyamathanha traditional owners

Media Release
Sarah Hanson-Young 3 May 2016

The Australian Greens have slammed the Labor and Liberal parties for teaming up to defeat a motion (below) calling on the Government to acknowledge Adnyamathanha traditional owners' opposition to a radioactive waste dump in the Flinders Ranges and refusing to remove Barndioota as a nominated site for such a facility.
"The Adnyamathanha traditional owners have long campaigned against nuclear waste being housed on culturally significant land near the beautiful Flinders Ranges. The Labor and Liberal parties have thumbed their noses at these traditional owners who want nothing more than to preserve this land they have occupied for tens of thousands of years, for future generations," Greens Senator for South Australia Robert Simms said.
"The Greens will stand with the Adnyamathanha traditional owners to get this land struck from the Government's list of proposed sites. It's time for all opponents of this nuclear waste dump to rally around their support for the traditional owners as they enter this fight for this precious, culturally significant land."
Senator Sarah Hanson-Young said the Labor and Liberal Parties joint ticket on an SA nuclear dump was especially concerning with the state government's Nuclear Fuel Cycle Royal Commission due to hand down its report on Friday.
"The Labor and Liberal Parties are happy to turn South Australia into the nation's nuclear waste dump," Senator Hanson-Young said.
"At this election, only the Greens will stand with South Australians and against dumping nuclear waste in our precious Flinders Ranges."

Media contacts
Simms - Amy Moran 0417 173 508
Hanson-Young - Noah Schultz-Byard 0427 604 760

I give notice that on the next day of sitting I shall move that -
The Senate -
1. Notes that
a. On the 27th of November 2015 the Adnyamathanha Traditional Owners released a statement outlining their opposition to the nomination of Barndioota station to host a National Radioactive Waste facility; the statement details environmental conditions in the area including flooding and yarta ngurra-ngurrandha (earthquakes and tremors) the importance of ground water and many mound springs close to the proposed site
b. On the 29th of April press releases were issued from three different organisations that represent Adnyamathanha Traditional Owners detailing their opposition to the nomination of Barndioota station
c. The area is of cultural significance to Adnyamathanha
d. Yappala was declared an Indigenous Protected Area (IPA) by the Federal Government in 2014
e. There is extensive archaeological evidence of occupation in the surrounding area
f. There has been a lack of consultation with Adnyamathanha
2. Calls on the Government to:
a. Acknowledge the opposition from Adnyamathanha Traditional Owners
b. Respect previous commitments on non-imposition and the importance of community consent and remove the Barndioota site as a nominated site


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