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Greens warn of repeat of republic referendum fiasco for marriage equality

Media Release
Robert Simms 30 Oct 2015

The Australian Greens have called on the Government to stop playing tricks with marriage equality and provide a conscience vote in this term of parliament, following Prime Minister Turnbull's latest comments on a plebiscite process.

Mr Turnbull has said the plebiscite would not be a simple yes or no proposition, but instead would ask Australians to agree on a specific model.

Greens spokesperson on Marriage Equality, Senator Robert Simms, says this approach would further complicate the issue.

"This process creates even more hurdles on the road to equality," Senator Simms said.

"They've now moved from a basic plebiscite model to a tricky referendum type process. This is an Abbott-style tactic to delay progress. We know what happened last time the Liberals proposed a referendum - more than a decade on, we are still waiting for a republic in this country. We don't want a repeat of John Howard's republic referendum fiasco.

"I am worried that the dinosaurs in the Liberal Party are pulling the strings behind the scenes and attempting to stymie this important reform.

"This is not a complicated issue. It is about love and fairness. Mr Turnbull should let the Parliament do its job and vote on marriage equality. The time has well and truly come."

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