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Greens Senator Renews Calls for Animal Circus Ban in Adelaide

Media Release
Robert Simms 9 Oct 2015

South Australian Greens Senator and former City Councillor, Robert Simms has renewed calls for Adelaide City Council to ban circuses featuring exotic animals from the Park Lands following a decision by Melbourne Council to adopt such a policy this week.

"Animals in circuses really belong in the history books, not on the Park Lands. This kind of entertainment is exploitative and archaic. It has no place in 21st century Adelaide," Senator Simms said.

"This year we've seen cities like San Francisco and now Melbourne taking a stance. Adelaide has always been a leader in social change. We shouldn't be lagging behind when it comes to the welfare of animals."

When on Council, Senator Simms put motions to ban exotic animal circuses from the Park Lands twice but was narrowly defeated.

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