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Greens call on Prime Minister to stop Treasurer from speaking at ACL conference

Media Release
Robert Simms 17 Apr 2016

Australian Greens sexuality spokesperson Senator Robert Simms says Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull should direct Treasurer Scott Morrison not to attend the upcoming Australian Christian Lobby national conference.

Treasurer Scott Morrison is scheduled to appear as a speaker at the conference on Saturday, April 23, in Sydney, alongside commentators who are known for their anti-LGBTI views.

Another speaker is Dr Jeffery J Ventrella of the Alliance Defending Freedom, a US-based group that has campaigned against the decriminalisation of homosexuality in countries where it remains a crime.

"The Australian Christian Lobby do not represent Christians in this country and are nothing more than an extreme fringe group," Senator Simms said.

"Most Australians would be horrified to see a senior Cabinet minister sharing the rostrum with bigots and extremists. By attending this conference, Mr Morrison is legitimising the wrong and offensive views of people like Dr Ventrella from the Alliance Defending Freedom.

"For too long, the Australian Christian Lobby and conservative forces have been setting the Liberal Party's policy agenda, and spreading lies and misinformation about Australia's LGBTI community.

"It's time for Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull to show some leadership on this issue, bring his Treasurer into line, and insist that the Treasurer does not address this offensive gathering."


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