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Greens call for federal recognition of same-sex marriages performed overseas

Media Release
Robert Simms 8 Oct 2015

The Australian Greens have renewed calls for the federal parliament to recognise same-sex marriages performed overseas following the decision by the Victorian Government to recognise these marriages in their state.

Greens LGBTIQ and Marriage Equality spokesperson, Robert Simms, said the Federal Government needs to act.

"While this provides good news for same-sex couples in Victoria, nationally the federal government still lags behind," Senator Simms said.

"We still have a situation where same-sex couples are denied the right to marry on Australian soil and, to add insult to injury, if they go overseas to marry, this isn't recognised by their government when they return."

Additionally, overseas same-sex marriages are now recognised in three states but not in others. This is creating a complex web of relationship laws that couples need to deal with and highlights the need for action at a federal level.

"We need a consistent approach to this issue at a national level."

Senator Simms renewed the Greens calls for the federal parliament to legislate for marriage equality.

"It's time for the federal parliament to legislate for marriage equality, so all Australians have the opportunity to marry the person they love on Australian soil," he said.


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