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Evocca College's attempt to blame students in poor taste

Media Release
Robert Simms 25 Nov 2015

The Australian Greens have slammed the for-profit Evocca College's submission to the parliamentary inquiry into its VET-FEE HELP reform legislation that calls for a lowering of the repayment threshold.

Greens spokesperson on Higher Education, Senator Robert Simms has said the call by Evocca College to lower the VET Fee-Help repayment threshold to between $30,000 and $40,000, compared to the current rate of $54,000, is an attempt by the college to shift the blame for rorting and explosion of costs onto students.

"This is a blatant attempt by Evocca College to try and paint students as the problem when there are huge structural problems and rampant rorting in the for-profit VET sector," Senator Simms said.

"It is reprehensible by Evocca College to attempt to do this, especially when many students attending courses by for-profit VET providers are poorly informed students who have been lured into the courses through unethical practises.

"Lowering the repayment threshold would mean additional bills to pay for people on lower incomes, including families that are currently living right on the margins. The Government must reject any attempt to lower the threshold and put vulnerable Australians under even more financial stress."

Evocca College's submission also rejected any calls for a fee cap.

"Evocca College's opposition to a fee cap is purely based on self-interest. This is yet another attempt by the for-profit sector to continue lining their pockets at the expense of students and taxpayers. "

Evocca College scored more than $400 million of Federal Government funding from 2012 to 2014, and yet only 32% of their students graduated.


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